Back from shooting in Rome. My article on Top Ten Ways to Save Money on Your Camera Equipment.


My article for Script Magazine on the 2104 Academy Award nominations for best documentary feature. 2013 was an outstanding year for nonfiction filmmaking and the Academy had a wealth of material to consider.



My article for Film Courage on Searching for Documentary Truth.

Fade In: July, 2012. I’m on a flight from Washington D.C. back home to Los Angeles. I’m combing though my stack of newspapers and come across a New York Times article about an exciting new documentary film called Searching for Sugarman.

The article was about the buzz surrounding this film, which tells the emotional story of a gifted American musician named Sixto Rodriguez, his two obscure yet brilliant records from the 1970’s, his sad disappearance from the music scene when his career failed to ignite, and his artistic rebirth. I couldn’t wait to see the film.




My article for Script Magazine on writing for documentary films.

In my near 30-year career I’ve worked in a variety of genres and for broadcast, cable, and theatrical distribution. The great majority of the work has been nonfiction, and now I work almost exclusively making feature-length documentaries. I’ve always written everything I’ve directed, and produced as well. Two well-received projects were Broken Promises: The United Nations at 60 and Border War: The Battle Over Illegal Immigration.

Over time I have developed a process that enables me to deliver on schedule, even if the schedule is edging toward the insane. Everyone has a different workflow when they begin a documentary project. Here is mine.